Sampat Family, Los Altos

Marriage is the biggest life changing and far reaching decision for an individual. Buying a home is the biggest life changing and far reaching decision for a family. One needs a trusted, experienced advisor in this arduous journey, especially in a dynamically changing white-hot market. Most importantly one needs to enjoy this uncertain journey, where you are bound to hit feelings of despair. You need someone to reassure you not to panic and that in fact, there is a method and structure to finding your dream home.

We met with Nick a year ago after a strong reference from a trusted friend. After our initial meet, we knew at once we had the right mentor for our journey. During our initial conversation, he filtered down the neighborhoods which would work best both practically for us and as well as suit our lifestyle. We come out of our first meeting with our budget nailed and how our loan should ideally be structured. We also had our associated expenses for the home down to the Tee. We pretty much could budget for our future cash flow then and there.

During the first few months Nick worked with us to view a ton of properties to help us understand what mattered and what can be ignored. He developed an acute awareness of our tastes as well and incorporated those into his subsequent showings for us. There were at least 3 occasions where we loved a home, which fitted into our budget, but Nick convinced us that it would not be the best fit for us or we could do something better. We were amazed by the fact that he really cared so much about us, rather than wrapping up on his end and moving on.

The market changed dynamically in the second half of 2017, with the stock market going berserk.

Nick helped us hold our nerve, stay focused and enjoy the process. He navigated this complex, changing dynamic and found the perfect window to sell our existing home. We trusted him so much, we gave him complete authority to refurbish and market our home and just stayed out of it. He over-delivered and made our tired house dazzle in less than a couple of weeks. Did I mention that the house sold with multiple offers in the first weekend of showing.

With our purchase price now nailed we could re-focus our energies with a concrete budget. Nick found us a dream home and made a winning offer just a week after our sale closed. He also managed to expedite close on the new home and we had keys to our dream home faster than we imagined.

But...Nick was not still done...The moment the keys exchanged hands, he had our home tented and fumigated and lined up his team of contractors for some minor embellishments to the place. He also set us up with the schools and helped us plant roots into the community.

It has been a dream come true for us; getting a great home in a great neighborhood in a fantastic school district. We are walking distance to all the schools and the library. What more could we ask for!

This is a modest writeup on our end. I'd highly encourage anyone to contact us directly if you need more info.