Ying Family, Los Altos

It is a true pleasure getting to know Nick and have his professional help in buying our second home. He has been helping us look for homes for three years… Yes, 3 years, what a home search! Really hard to imagine…yet we made it with Nick!  He has the instinct, which is rare among most, to understand clients’ taste, value system, and finance condition from just a couple of house touring’s. He magically blends all these elements along with the housing/finance market condition and makes the most suitable suggestions. He does not push with showing homes or making offers, points out the drawbacks of each property from his professional view and protects us from making bad offers. He frequently shares his value and his understanding of the market and we find this very helpful.  I think helping his clients find the most suitable and comfortable home is what he really enjoys!  Picky and tough clients like us – we are really lucky and blessed to have Nick finding us a perfect home in Los Altos and continue to enjoy his professional help whenever possible.  Nick’s easygoing and super patient personality, great, great people skills, and a level of outstanding professionalism distinguish him from others. From him, I get to know what a full service real estate agent really is…. Finally I’d like to share a quote I use so often among my circle of friends: “You will never go wrong with Nick when buying a home in Los Altos”