Panepucci Family, Los Altos Hills

We’ve used a number of realtors over the years and we’ve never had a realtor come close to providing this level or quality of service.  It seems like Nick is always working.  He saved us a lot of time in searching for and purchasing our current home by previewing everything and taking us only to the most attractive properties in our area of interest.

He did a great job helping us understand and evaluate the pros and cons of the various locations and properties, and we never missed an opportunity to make an offer on the best values.  He has good insights and backed up his recommendations with actual data.  We always felt that his strategy and presentation gave us an advantage when it came time to make an offer.  He did more than we ever would have expected of any realtor.  Some realtors seem to care most about making a sale.  Nick cared most about helping us make a smart purchase with which we would be happy.