Common Core Curriculum: 2015 Report Card

California released the highly-anticipated student performance scores from the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), also known as “common core,” this fall. Since the previous scoring system, STAR, ended in late 2013, many have been anxiously awaiting the new methodology and how it would impact student performance: will it be a better indicator of student success or create a larger divide among the star students and the students lacking the tools to be successful? These are the first results under the new testing process, so needless to say many districts, teachers and students are learning how to adapt.

CAASPP has made the result data available on their website at:

Even more interesting to me is the Academic Performance Index (API) – returning in 2016. It was suspended for two years during the transition to the new testing system and this will be the first year incorporating the new test results into the API scoring, which is one of the most objective pieces of data people use when deciding if a public school meets his or her standards. How will schools compare to their previous score levels? Will the 950 API elementary still be in the 95 percentile, or will it drop into the 800s?

Stay tuned in 2016 for my analysis on school performance.

suzanne sarto